In, Out, Shaking it about: Mashed Library Examples

Information coming in

These maps bring together maps from Google with address information from the Talis Silkworm directory. The directory itself is a wiki and any registered user and update the information there (and in turn, update these maps). There is a search the catalogue form with each map, enabling a search to take place whatever the brand of library catalogue in use at the destination site.

Information going out

Library news page

This and other feeds can be displayed on other sites, such as the MyAthens site. The library news and a list of UK federation resources is added to this page.

The Library News is available as an XML file using one of the RSS standards: file. The web page itself is also written in valid XHTML, so some XML processors would be able to read that too.

Shaking information about

There are Add-ons for browsers, like Operator for Firefox that can respond to data hidden in XHTML markup. Some pages on the DMU Library web site are coded with extra information in ‘microformats’. The ‘What’s on‘ and library contact details are examples. People with browsers equipped with the right add-ons can add events to their Google or Yahoo calendars, or add contact details to their Outlook addresses.

Another example of this exchange would be the OpenURL Referrer add-on. This can add ‘Find it @ DMU’ buttons to pages in Wikipedia and other sites where the COinS microformat is used.

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