“Sixty Minutes to Save Libraries”

http://bit.ly/f59lIV (Mash & Mashibility, Oct 2010)

In light of the imminent HE sector cuts, Brian Kelly (UKOLN) invited participants to identify ways in which evidence could be collated to demonstrate the impact and value of libraries and library services. Please see link for slides etc

Brian has further blogged on this in Jan 2011, looking at how some university libraries have embraced Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages – http://bit.ly/h2WS8M (Facebook); http://bit.ly/ehqUiy (Twitter); http://bit.ly/dmf1HI (YouTube).

About Mitchell Dunkley

I work in the Content Delivery Team at De Montfort University Library. I manage DMU Library's e-resources portfolio and I am involved in library systems admin, collating resource usage statistics and troubleshooting. All comments are my own.
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