Analogue tweets

And here are the analogue tweets from our analogue Twitter session:

Twitterfall #mashDMU Feb2011

12.00 Thank goodness I am going to learn about hash tags!
12.15 One hashtag to follow #savelibraries
12.20 Gosh, Lanyrd, something I know about already!
12.23 So that’s how they organise demos in the Middle East!
12.30 Can’t wait for me smart phone to be repaired!
12.30 So that’s what “mashing” is: bibliographical eclectisism
12.40 Gosh, I knew about too. Must now get to use it.
12.40 Find these mashup technologies fascinating (complicated but fascinating)
12.50 Librarians are trusted control points. Love it!
12.58 Would love to ‘experiment’ with this stuff in a library / work context
13.00 Using YouTube to post tutorials – great idea!
13.00 Loving the passion & enthusiasm of the speakers
13.00 Who would we pick to star in our You Tube library demo?
13.01 When’s the next session? Wouldn’t mind going to one of these library mash things
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