Analogue Twitter

At yesterday’s Lunchtime #mashDMU, I introduced colleagues to analogue (or paper) tweets.  This is a concept I saw demonstrated at a conference last year by Timothy Collinson of the University of Portsmouth Library.  Using his template, I distributed  strips of paper and invited those present to write a tweet of no more than 25 words or so (representing 140 characters).  This enabled newcomers to Twitter (as well as those who normally tweet from a PC) to “have a go”. People then stick the tweets on a flipchart with blutak.  We could have run this in semi-digital mode where the strips get passed to a colleague who then types them all into a Twitter account.  But that would have meant missing out on what my interesting co-presenters said!

[See page 3 of the Autumn/Winter 2010 issue of Harvest for more information on analogue Twitter].

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