#MashDMU – my mashed library interests

Hi folks

A summary of my current Mashed Library interests (see also the link below).

  • The Policy Pit (engaging with learners, especially at a distance);
  • PITSTOP (HEA-funded research project investigating use of mediated discussion boards supporting 2nd year social work students on placement)
  • Linked Data  (a potential cornucopia of information in the social sciences).

I am by no means an ‘early adopter’ when it comes to all things Web 2.0. I’m more what you might call a ‘committed embedder’. In other words, if I can see a way to solve existing problems, enhance access to information, or improve a student or researcher’s learning experience, then I’m interested.

Not everyone in the Mashed Library world is a “geek”.  But many librarians – myself included – work well with our geek* friends, and speak geek fairly fluently, so can act as a translator between the geek community and everyone else we work with.  This can be very valuable in itself.

JE Mashed Library Hour Feb 2011

* for further clarification on what is meant by “geek” please refer to this helpful diagram:

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