Merry #ChrisMash

#ChrisMash was a half-day Mashed Libraries event held in London on Saturday 3rd December, organised by Gary Green & Richard Hawkins.  Although no DMU Library collegues were able to attend, the #ChrisMash blog documents what happened before, during and after the event.

There were six speakers running seven sessions:

  • Gary Green (QR-codes, fractals and photo montages)
  • Owen Stephens (The ghosts of Chrismash past, present and future)
  • Paul Stainthorp (The DevXS event)
  • Gary Green (Yuletide Info Stuffings Dug Out Of A Christmas Stocking)
  • Andrew Preater (Towards ethnographies of the next-gen catalogue user)
  • Karen Blakeman (Never mind the quality, just admire the pretty pictures)
  • Owen Smith (Random slides for Chrismash)
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