Tiki-Toki: web-based timeline software

At yesterday’s mobile libraries information sharing event, Gary Green mentioned Tiki-Toki: web-based timeline software.  Although Gary discussed its use in a public library context, I felt that there might be potential for using it in higher education in displays, student projects, archives & special collections etc.  Please note that it does require a browser that enables Java Script.

The website blurb says that the only limit to the use of Tiki-Toki is your imagination but the following may provide some inspiration:

  • Creating a timeline of the life of a famous artist or musician
  • The history of a building an organsation or a family: you can include photo albums and videos in the timeline
  • A personal diary / online journal to keep track of your thoughts over a period of time or to record CPD
  • Tiki-Toki is perfect for students to explore key events in history
  • Legal cases: timelines could be used in court cases as a presentation tool
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