Revisiting Lanyrd

Lanyrd – the social conference directory – was introduced by Mitchell  at the very first #MashDMU meeting. I have been using it quite a lot recently, so I thought it was worth posting a reminder.

Lanyrd enables you to:

  • Identify conferences to attend (in person or virtually): see what your contacts are going to or speaking at, or browse conferences by topic.
  • Track what’s going on during the conference, even if you aren’t there: who is tweeting what, and what links are doing the rounds.
  • Catch up on anything you missed: easily discover slides, video and podcasts from conferences you attended or tracked.
  • If you speak at an event you can build up your speaker portfolio of talks have given.

Lanyrd integrates with Twitter but provides an opportunity to customise your profile.  As a meeting organiser or participant you can easily create a Lanyrd page for an event or conference  and encourage participants to add themselves to it.

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